Monthly Archives: December 2012

Crowdsourcing information on councils, commissioning and innovation

An interesting Twitter discussion prompted by a session at the All Change! 2012:  Reshaping Local Public Services event organised by Improvement and Efficiency East Midlands with the underlying themes of commissioning and new models of service delivery.

Community Catalysts are an innovative social enterprise working to harness the talents of people and communities to provide high quality small scale, local care and support services. @CommCats

Whose Shoes was founded by Gill Phillips who is passionate about personalisation in health and social care. Whose Shoes? is an innovative resource which engages people to deliver public services in more creative ways. @WhoseShoes

I always think it is amazing the information that can be collected in a a few tweets!

If your organisation would like help in developing an online survey do get in contact! @shirleyayres