‘Connecting Social Care and Social Media’ is a collaborative project with a number of authors. If you wish to contribute and  join in, please leave a message below this post and we will add you. We would like this to be a collective sharing and pooling of expertise and information in this rapidly evolving area.

Shirley Ayres
DSC02151I work with innovative organisations developing digital engagement strategies using technology & social media for social good.


Photo courtesy of @clarkmike taken at the Kings Fund International Congress Technology and Care panel debate 2013.

Author of “Can online innovations enhance social care” a provocation paper published by the Nominet Trust and The Click Guide to Digital Technology for Adult Social Care. The click guide for the first time brings together a wide range of digital technology innovations for the wider care sector. Welcomed by practitioners, funders, voluntary organisations and care providers, the guide provides a directory of more than 100 technology resources.

I am the co-founder of the Connected Care network.

Joint author of the “The future for personalisation? service users, carers and digital engagement” (2011) with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS) Do join in the twitter debate using #deukcare and #ukcare

I am a visionary and strategic thinker providing unique perspectives which promote collaborations and partnerships across the public, private and not for profit sectors. I connect people, ideas and knowledge and work with organisations who wish to promote communications and knowledge management through social learning.

Publisher – The Click Guide to Children’s Services (2010) The click guide to children’s services is a free-to download, innovative guide which for the first time brings together the wider resources for vulnerable children and young people. Welcomed by child care practitioners, voluntary organisations and private sector providers, the guide provides a directory of more than 170 organisations, with quick links to hundreds of selected ‘useful resources’.

Do contact me if you would like to explore how your organisation can effectively use digital engagement and social media to communicate, innovate and deliver services differently.




I am a social worker who is currently employed in statutory services. I choose to remain anonymous  but I have an interest in new media/social media/technology and improving my practice as a social worker.

I am also contactable on

Twitter  at @ermintrude2

Email at   Ermintrude5@gmail.com

I am a co-editor at the  Not So Big Society blog

And I contribute to the College of Social Work blog

12 responses to “About

  1. I am social work educator who is interested in the power of social media and using it my teaching. I tweet as @redgrouper and have a blog on Google Blogger as fearthenextpage
    I would be very interested in communicating with other people about using social media in education, training and practice.

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  3. Hi Shirley – and Jim
    In the late 1980s while on a community mental health nursing course at what was Manchester Polytechnical College (now MMU) I was taught and used Hodges’ model. Since 2006 I’ve blogged variously about Hodges’ model – nursing and health and social care and educational, plus informatics topics. The blog includes a bibliography:

    There are slides available online from an introduction to the model from a recent presentation March 2012 in Liverpool at the SWAN – Social Work Action Network Conference:


    Happy to connect and explore collaboration.

    Many thanks for your time,

    Peter Jones, Lancashire, UK
    Hodges Health Career – Care Domains – Model
    h2cm: help 2C more – help 2 listen – help 2 care

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  7. Richard Edwards

    Hi Im looking for examples of social welfare agencies use of Tablets and apps to support change and positive outcomes. Can you advise or help. many thanks. Richard Edwards

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