What health and wellbeing apps do you use and would you recommend? #PdDigital15

Last week I attended People Driven Digital Health and Care in Leeds. It was a fascinating and fun event. I was honoured to be invited to provide some thoughts at the launch about the challenges and opportunities in the digital space alongside Tim Kelsey and Anne Cooper.

An excellent question was posed by Mike Clark  at the start of the event and here are some responses and it raises interesting questions about what each of us considers to be a health and wellbeing app!

My recommendations: Twitter (rich source of real time information about the latest digital health and care innovations) , jawbone (motivational and competitive element makes it fun)  and  (very good for pelvic floor muscle exercises!).

I would also highly recommend Patient Opinion because of the richness of experiences being shared and the opportunities for health and care organisations to respond publicly as to how they are addressing concerns, complaints and praise.

Paul Taylor and the Bromford Lab have been experimenting with a cheap Cardboard Virtual Reality kit and I did get very excited about the one he brought (as did Chris Bolton and Paul Webster)!

A further question asked by Mike Clark – would anyone like to hazard a guess at what the number might be?

Further thoughts from Mike as we see how often Twitter is being cited as a wellbeing app.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their favourite health and wellbeing apps . I am very aware there are thousands of digital innovations available and I would love you to share your favourites either here or via Twitter @shirleyayres!

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4 responses to “What health and wellbeing apps do you use and would you recommend? #PdDigital15

  1. Paul Taylor

    I didn’t do mine so I’m going for Twitter ( for information and innovation) , FitBit/Aria (which I think is really nicely designed and fun) and , as someone trying to shift some timber, Weightwatchers ( easy to use , great resources and puts a lot of data in your hand.

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  3. Some great ones here, and love the idea of Twitter as a wellbeing app! A group of us at the Wales Audit Office are cycling at Velothon Wales. After previously using Map My Ride, I’m now using Strava to measure my progress. What’s really interesting about Strava as opposed to Map My Ride, is the ability to set up a club and give each other ‘kudos’ and comments – essentially being a social tool that enable us to help and motivate each other. The group has become a network of support, and a positive space to share our training. Love it!

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