My favourite #Twitter quotes w/e 30th Oct

I find Twitter an endless source of inspiration. Having access to real time thoughts, knowledge and ideas shared across the world is very powerful social learning. Through Twitter I am able to join in the debates at local, national and international conferences which are exploring broader definitions of social care which encompasses all of the services which contribute to an individual feeling safe, secure and supported in their local community.

My favourite quotes from Twitter this week

“I will be a President for all the people” – Michael D. Higgins newly elected President of Ireland @md_higgins #aras11

If we value ‘meta collaboration’ across competitive silos where better than Twitter can these conversations merge? @2healthguru via @clarkmike

“Young people don’t see the risk of social media but older people don’t see the power” shared by @nickkeane speaking at #cepolsmap the European Conference on Social Media and Policing Lisbon

Wise Twitter words “don’t tweet what you would not shout to a stranger in the street” @SebastianDenef #cepolsmap

“Telling your story and translating your organizations work to a broad audience is such an important part of social media” @melgorka #begoodbesocial Toronto @BeGoodBeSocial started as Scotland’s third sector social media gathering and is now extending across the world. You can join in the Be Good Be Social Edinburgh event taking place on Thursday 3rd November 6-9pm through Twitter using the hashtag #begoodbesocial

“important message @nesta_uk #Alliance4Evidence Joint policy making needs researchers, policy makers & practitioners to interact & share information” at the launch of the NESTA UK Alliance for Useful Evidence

“We have no money so now we have to think” Ron Haskins response to a question about the impact of budget cuts on research activity @nesta_uk #Alliance4Evidence

What is your favourite Twitter quote of the week?


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