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Gadget Hub a pop up shop bringing care technology to the high street

 Richard Haynes (left) with Gadget Hub brand ambassador Ben SmoldonGadget Hub is a brand new retail experience promoting products that enhance everyone’s lives by making daily tasks easier and fun. Gadget Hub will be hosted by The Mall in Sutton Coldfield from Monday 25th March to Saturday 6th April having been selected as a finalist in the Retail Factor competition.

Products will be on show throughout the two weeks, together with workshops demonstrating how adopting and using simple devices and gadgets can have a profound effect upon improving lives.  In particular, people concerned about living alone or people requiring increasing support when gaining more independence will benefit.  Gadget Hub will also offer advice and provide individuals with links to services that improve health, wellbeing, safety and security.

Gadget Hub has been inspired by Richard Haynes of The Community Gateway and is being delivered in partnership with Our Place Community Hub.   Volunteers are being recruited to oversee the project and funding is being sought to support the progression of this project into a successful retail business; it is hoped that Gadget Hub will become a regular presence within The Mall in the future.  It is anticipated that any profits will be directed towards Our Place Community Hub, increasing the capacity of the services offered there.

Local Authorities and businesses will be on hand to demonstrate how gadgets can make individuals feel safer and better able to cope with tasks. The Sutton Trinity Neighbourhood Police team will also join Gadget Hub to register personal belongings, discuss personal safety and how to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Richard explains “The Gadget Hub is for everyone. Many of our devices can be life enhancing for anyone. It’s no coincidence though that we can also particularly help those with caring responsibilities, like parents and children but also for people with disability or impairment preparing or supporting them for independent living. We are here to provide as much advice as possible and to get feedback on whether people would like a permanent presence of this sort. Gadget Hub is exciting in so many ways it potentially creates a new market, new jobs, supports underfunded services that affect us all in some way and the unique ownership means local community services are better resourced.”

Activities planned at the Gadget Hub

Monday 25th, and Tuesday 26th March 11am, 2pm, 4pm: advice on care for older people and specific issues such as falls, stroke, dementia or chronic heart, or emphysema

Tuesday 26th March 2pm – 4pm & Thursday 28th 2pm – 4pm: Marie Spittle from Dudley Council Telecare Service will be on hand for advice on new technologies

Friday 29th March, 2pm – 5pm: Master chef John Ruddock from Tinshack, providing tasty nibbles, talking about his Saturday workshops and how anybody  can manage to cook in style.

Saturday 30th March, 11:30, 1:30pm and 3:30pm, (location – Our Place Community Hub): Tinshack Masterclasses about anything food related.  How to cook in style on a budget; using appliances that sense cook (switch off when cooked); using steamers rather than pans which are less likely to burn and lighter to move

What a great initiative just imagine if every high street had a Gadget Hub pop up shop! With so many families now self funding care and support there is a real need to provide information and practical advice about the many technologies which are available.

For more information contact Richard on Twitter @richardchaynes  or via email richard@thecommunitygateway.org.uk