6 responses to “#socialconvo an update

  1. I’m sorry I missed this, but thanks very much for sharing the resources. Sounds like a fantastic event, and great to reflect on it and think about how to move things forward. I love the point that ‘An idea does not care who has it’ – we’re doing our best to live by that mantra, and it’s heartening to see good practice shared in this blog too so we can all benefit, whether we were at the event or not.



  2. We need more spaces to have social conversations in, and more opportunities to do it face to face. I am exercising myself about this, and it is a key reason why I am seeking to do things like Sun, Sea and Social Media http://wp.me/ppLRZ-F5

  3. What a lovely idea John Sun, Sea and Social Media will give this further thought since I tend to be at the South Coast rather than Blackpool!

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