2 responses to “Guest post @markoneinfour: social media and social conversations

  1. Thank you Mark,
    A thought provoking post.
    I also have anxieties that elements of social media are being exploited by people and organisations that want a build a brand and ultimately sell you something.
    I suspect that this is an inevitable consequence because they will, “go to where the people are” and root us out.
    It’s also a feature of many of the ‘free’ platforms we use. Ultimately we are the commodity and our data or access to us is being sold off to fund the platform (with a tidy profit on top of course).
    That said, the good of so many people connecting and sharing for the common good has got to be a good thing.
    The world post social media seems a better place to me than what I knew before. The trick for the future is to help push it in the right direction.
    I very much like what you said it being a place to, “share little bits of surplus resource”.
    Some thing little to one person can mean a great deal to another. There is such a lot of potential to do good and great things through the sharing of little things.
    Unfortunately I cannot make the event on the 29th but I will sponsor a place.
    I hope it goes well.

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