2 responses to “Reflecting on the movers and shakers interviewed for the Disruptive Social Care podcasts

  1. Have to say Shirley I often listen to the podcasts (apart from mine!!) when I’m need of some inspiration – there is an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience in the guests, and the presenters!

    I may be biased – but think it a shame that a monthly podcast has not been funded. Particularly when it did a much better job of sharing knowledge than many publicly funded programmes.

  2. Thanks Paul your comment reminds me about the feedback we have received about the value of the podcasts. I am very aware that the Disruptive Social Care podcast reaches hundreds of thought leaders, influencers and decision makers right across the care, health and housing sectors and is also of interest to the wider public.

    “The social care sector produces tons of outputs in the forms of papers and reports and so on and I struggle to keep up with a lot of it quite frankly, but I never struggle to find time to listen to your weekly podcast, and I think what is distinctive about it is that you offer a fresh take on a lot of the challenges we that face and I don’t think there’s anything quite like it, so do keep it up, I think it’s a really refreshing contribution, and challenge actually, to the way we do things”
    Richard Humphries, Senior Fellow, The Kings Fund
    (Interviewed on Disruptive Social Care Podcast 15)

    “Social care has long been the Cinderella of public services, especially when it comes to information and IT. But at least so far as social media goes it now has its very own Fairy Godmother and Buttons in the shape of Shirley Ayres and Stu Arnott. Their weekly Disruptive Social Care podcasts are great: informative, well produced and targeted on a wide range of disruptive innovations in social care. Just the thing to stop you turning into a pumpkin as the world of social care accelerates into the 21st Century around you”
    Paul Hodgkin FRCGP, Chief Executive, Patient Opinion Limited

    “In a day and age when change is seen as negative and tradition prevails over progress; we need projects like the disruptive social care podcast. To ask why old problems still exist, how can we find innovative solutions and empower everyday people is vital. Please support this amazing podcast and enable necessary disruptive change!”
    Martyn Sibley, Co-Founder of Disability Horizons

    “Shirley and Stuart have identified and filled a gap on the flow of information about innovations in social care. They’ve done this with a remarkably accessible and entertaining podcast that informs us about all the great innovations going on around us. Their interviewees have been well-chosen to represent some of the most creative thinkers in this space, and the interviewing style has been very warm. Listening has felt like being part of the Disruptive Social Care Club, and to feel part of a wider movement for social impact through technology. My favourite time to listen is over the weekend, often during the washing up- what a great way to build in professional development activity into my routine. Please help the Disruptive Duo continue their great work by contributing to the crowdsourced funding for this show to continue.”
    Claire, Tech4Health

    “Social care in the UK has always been open to new ideas. However, with a tougher financial climate it is too easy to get entrenched in simply getting by, responding to crises rather than being proactive, finding reasons for not doing things rather than being creative with the limited resources now available. Shirley Ayres and Stuart Arnott have been at the forefront of opening our eyes to what is out there through the successful weekly Disruptive Social Care Podcast. Great ideas and insight, interesting guests, signposted information and exciting new service providers bringing us innovative and practical solutions. It’s a well-produced, well-researched resource available via several communication channels to help people in housing, health and social care provide integrated and connected care. Essential viewing”
    Mike Clark, Telecare LIN

    “The Disruptive Social Care podcast is a valuable tool in keeping up to date on new developments across the sector. I love the style, and it’s regular listening for me on a Monday morning drive into work. It’s well thought out, superbly produced, and very informative. I also work part time at a university and use it as a teaching resource with students – for which the feedback is excellent. ”
    Jon Bolton, Director, Focused on Learning, and Programme Director, MSc Applied Professional Studies, University of Dundee

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