8 responses to “Guest post @markoneinfour: social media and public professionals #expo14NHS

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    Absolutely awesome talk by @MarkOneInFour at NHS Expo today about the value of public professionals in social media spaces.

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    One of the best monologues on social media and public service that I have ever read. The fact that it gives shitty corporate communications a kick in their pompous ignorant gob, has got nothing to do with it!

  3. Hhmmmmm. Interesting piece. To be upfront,I work in Communications. Not sure about the comms as broadcast (or even as “shitty corporate communications”). Maybe a little bit of the open-mindedness that social media can help promote needs to be applied here. Yes, some professionals use twitter with no help/support and that’s great, but some do.

    Some health professionals know they need or want to change the way they connect, communicate and have conversations, but they need a bit of help to get going. This is what we do. Often though this can be to just do the above with other professionals & develop networks. That’s fine too, but it’s a very different gig to working with people who use services on social platforms.

    Anyways, as a communications function, our role is to support services to be the best that they can be. Social media enables anyone to say anything, but sometimes a clear message needs to be crafted. Not spin, not PR, but plain english. Helping people know what is happening with the services they use, having conversations about new developments, and possible changes.

    I agree with much of Mark’s blog, but lets not be too short sighed – social media has changed how we all communicate (mostly for the good) but it shouldn’t be assumed that it helps everyone. When it is as widely used as the telephone then maybe. When people start a new job and are told: This is your email address, your phone number and your twitter/Skype/Facebook ID. At this point maybe communications teams can move onto the next new thing..

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    Terrific opportunity to catch up on this great talk from the recent NHS Expo

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    This guest blog from a patient advocate @MarkOneinFour sums up the benefits that social media use amongst public NHS workers & nicely illustrates the differences between the “official party line from the Comms Team and the less polished input from the “normal” staff. Social media & Comms Teams both have a role to play – they have different roles & contributions to the discussions about health & social care.

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