Getting started on the internet – a brief guide

How could I resist this question from a friend especially when “how to get started in the internet?” is one of the questions I am asked frequently so a quick round up of some useful resources.

Digital Unite helps people to unleash their digital talents through free online technology guides, a network of computer tutors, courses and an online community of learners. The excellent Guides include Computer Basics, Creating Documents and using Skype and email. @digitalunite wants to help make the UK the world’s most digitally skilled nation and provides links to basic online skills for individuals which include Getting Started on the Internet provided by Learn My Way. @Digitalskillsuk

BBC WebWise provides online courses on computer basics, internet basics and the 10 hour WebWise Online Course. Social Media Basics helps you set up an online profile, share photos with family and friends and organise events safely and securely.

Using the internet should be fun and informative. How digital technology is supporting people living with dementia provides information about a number of apps which are fun to use for everyone. I am very fond of Flower Garden – look out for your virtual bouquet!

For an easy way of keeping connected with family and friends I recommend Mindings  which connects families through social media for  a small fee. Mindings was created by my co-presenter and producer of the Disruptive Social Care podcasts @mindingsstu to keep his dad  living in Scotland connected with his family across the world through photos and messages. A lovely innovative app and definitely worth trying out  if you want to create a personal support network for family and friends.

Feeling confident and want to do more? A lovely resource provided by Community How To helps you do more in your community through technology by finding, sharing, rating and discussing a whole range of digital tools. @communityhowto

And finally Being Social #60yearsoflearning a slidedeck produced by Paul Taylor to celebrate my 60th birthday!

Please feel free to add your own suggestions and resources!

5 responses to “Getting started on the internet – a brief guide

  1. Hi Shirley, great roundup and really useful resource. Also worth mentioning social media surgeries, and the website set up by @podnosh. This is where people can find local social media surgeries, and voluntary and community groups can find support if they want start running surgeries for the benefit of local people.

  2. Sometimes, it’s the really simple things – it’s a bit of a stereotype maybe but I’ve found google street view is a great starter for getting some older women interested – checking out how clean their friends’ windows are! From there, you’ve got the person hooked.

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