Launch of the care e-Marketplaces survey

 As we become more used to purchasing goods and services through sites like eBay and Amazon what is the role for care e-Marketplaces which bring together buyers and sellers to purchase care and support services? Of course it could be argued that Google’s advanced search is, in effect, an e-Marketplace.

We are inviting families and commissioner’s to share their perceptions and experiences of using care online marketplaces (e-Marketplaces) and online care directories to purchase care services.

Reputation, trust and access are important elements in the purchase of care services sold online. In particular, self-funding individuals and their families purchasing care services need an easy way to identify providers who have been ‘vetted’ by a ‘trusted organisation’. It is important that service providers can demonstrate the quality and value of the services that they offer. It is equally important that service users and commissioners have a method of assessing the quality of services and comparing them when making purchasing choices.

The survey will be open until the 4th October 2013 and we look forward to your responses. To  complete the survey please click here

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