Any questions for @dominiccampbell our next guest on the Disruptive Social Care podcast?

I am delighted to announce that Dominic Campbell will be our next guest on the Disruptive Social Care podcast. Dominic  is is a digital government specialist and social innovator with a background in government policy, communications and technology-led change.

Dominic was a keynote speaker at Kent Care in the Digital Age #kentdigicare held on the 12th July. He raised many challenging questions  about the importance of human relationships in public services and how people talk to each other. 

Dominic established FutureGov in early 2008 and has a keen interest in emerging uses of new media and “social” strategies to deliver public service transformation and social innovation.

The Panel Debate at #kentdigicare exploring “The Future of Personalisation? Service Users, Carers and Digital Engagement”

Dominic is also co-founder of several social web start-ups: · Patchwork a collaboration tool for multi-agency working, currently focused on children and families intervention · Casserole a peer to peer meals on wheels service Enabled by Design a community of people interested in Design for All.

We are inviting you to submit questions for discussion with Dominic by the 20th August 2013. Whilst we may not be able to cover all of the questions asked we will be summarising the key themes which arise. You can tweet your questions to @shirleyayres using the hashtag #deukcare or email:

You can catch up with our previous guests on the Disruptive Social Care podcasts here!

You can watch recordings of the live stream videos from #kentdigicare here thanks to @johnpopham 

6 responses to “Any questions for @dominiccampbell our next guest on the Disruptive Social Care podcast?

  1. Hello Shirley.How many questions can be submitted per person ?

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  3. Dear Shirley,

    would like to hear Dominic’s thoughts on the raise of mobile technology (mobile devices, mobile internet, gps tracking, BYOD, nomadic working). How does this influence his design thinking? What are “killer solutions” he can think of?

    Best, Lutz

  4. Question for Dominic: From your work, Is there any evidence that health & care reforms in England are leading or will in the near future lead to better outcomes for users, patients, carers and their families? Any examples linked to a particular legislative change?


  5. Hi Shirley/Dominic,

    This takes the shape of a series of questions. I hope that’s ok.
    What are your views on the importance of community building without pre set agendas? Do you see issues arising when innovations are seeded by outside innovators? How can we work with communities so the innovations and the shape they take can be citizen led?


    Nurture Development & ABCD Europe

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