Social Media top tips for #kentdigicare from @clarkmike and @shirleyayres

On Friday 12th July Mike Clark  Managing Editor Telecare Learning and Improvement Network and I will be running an Advanced Social Media Masterclass at the Kent Care in the Digital Age Conference.

We are sharing our thoughts in advance of the workshop and welcome your thoughts and questions either on Twitter using the hashtag #kentdigicare or in the comments section below.

10 Social Media Tips for #KentDigiCare @clarkmike shares his top ten tips


If you haven’t redesigned your organisation & supported your people to innovate, you won’t get a return on any social media investment


Organisations change (D) when they are uncomfortable (A), have a clear vision (B) & know the first steps (C) – social media needs to be everybody’s business – unless you are unhappy with what you are currently doing you are unlikely to change – you will need digital leaders and champions

RT x RT x RT

Right Technology, Right Tools at the Right Time – find stuff that works for you and your organisation

Master the tools

Find the best tools and master them – they have a wider use – 80/20 social media over traditional (including e-mail)


Hashtag your organisation, understand your brand and digital footprint, get a 360 view


Signal to noise – filter to find what is of value and is meaningful – your customers will appreciate it

Learn, Lead and Lean

Learn from the digital leaders, innovators and mavericks – develop your own style, keep it simple

Move from 1:1 to Many:Many

Scaling is crucial to turn information into knowledge, influence into action, outputs into outcomes

The C’s – Content, Context, Customers, Citizens, Communication, Connection, Collaboration, Community, Curation, Commitment, Consistency, Curiosity

If it begins with ‘C’, you’re probably in the right place

The Last Post

In the digital world its 24/7 and in your face, you can’t ignore it – you are only as good as your last post or tweet

Thoughts about my digital footprint by @shirleyayres 

What happens if I google “Shirley Ayres”? 165,000 results

Try googling your name you may be surprised about what is known about you on the internet!

What is the story you have to tell and who do you want to share it with?

You need to be selective about the platforms you use:

Twitter @shirleyayres



 I run three LinkedIn groups

  • Advanced Social Work Practice Network
  • Network for Practitioners working with vulnerable children and young people
  • Third and Public Sector Digital Engagement



Social media is a great leveller and your social influence (unless you are a *celebrity*!) is determined by the value you add not your status or size

Contrary to what people may say social media is not free it requires an investment of time. If you have no need to communicate about your organisation or your work then it may not be worth the investment.

However ………

There are around 33 million UK Facebook accounts  

The overall number of active Twitter accounts topped 200 million in 2012

An estimated  34 million live UK Twitter accounts

How social is your business – are you ready to be open and transparent?

The difference between broadcasting and being social – what makes for a successful conversation?

Share, share and share some more …….

Share generously with your knowledge, skills & passions and links to good resources that you have enjoyed reading.

Connecting Social Care and Social Media

Social etiquette – thank people for sharing your posts and widen your own network by making lots of introductions and helping people connect. Give credit to the people who also share good resources.

How social are you – what learning, practice and ideas have you shared this week?

The #carecrisis affects millions of people – how are you influencing the debate?

Twitter Direct Messages have been described as “mobile on steroids”

Moving from thinking to action – this could be a well kept secret but growing and nurturing your social network is great fun and has very tangible benefits!

#kentdigicare would not be happening without the connections made through social media!


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