Why I’m excited about #kentdigicare by @uk_james

I’m really excited about the forthcoming Care in the Digital Age conference and debate taking place in Kent on 12th July.

I hope that everyone attending on the day, watching online or participating in the twitter discussions using #kentdigicare will feel enthused about the possibilities that exist if we focus on how we can get people connected to each other in local communities.  This might be connecting neighbours to other neighbours, carers to other carers, professionals to patients and service users.  Certainly locally in Kent, we have invested a lot of time and energy in looking at how telecare, telehealth and digital technologies can support people to live safer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.  With technology developments moving at such a pace, we have to consider what other options should be supported, shared, encouraged and used.  We must be brave and think about the unthinkable. We can also learn how technology is supporting people in other parts of the country to live more fulfilling lives.

We need to see how technology is an enabler and if we use it creatively, begin to understand how we all can get more out of life, the people we live with and the area we live in.  We need to get smart about harnessing the power of social networking in supporting connected care, whether this be through the mainstream channels like Twitter and Facebook, or other solutions that people can access on their smartphones, tablets, TV sets and home PCs. 

 What do I hope comes out of the conference?

·         People will make connections with one another locally and nationally

·         People will take ideas and energy back into their own communities and organisations they’re involved with – and make something happen

·         We want to have a debate through the Kent Health and Wellbeing Board about how we can use technology and social media to engage with people living in our communities, find out which services are delivering well and where the shortfalls exist – so that we can do something about it

The programme, contributors & workshop resources can be accessed here  

James Lampert Commissioning Manager – Community Support

Kent County Council Families and Social Care,


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