Introducing the Care in the Digital Age programme

ImageThe Care in the Digital Age programme is designed to help your organization deliver more focused, cost effective services by showcasing digital technologies that offer new ways of supporting service users and carers.

The event presents digital technology solutions across a wide range from personal networks through to ‘keeping in touch’ systems and meal sharing initiatives. The emphasis is on technologies that promote independence, diminish social isolation and address the issue of digital exclusion amongst disadvantaged groups. It draws on our experience of the availability, impact and of web and app based systems in the sector (as detailed in our click guide to digital technology in adult social care and in the Provocation Paper Can online innovations enhance social care? published by the Nominet Trust).

The programme consists of a one day event aimed at people involved in health, social services, housing, education, economic regeneration and the police, and encourages participation from carers, service users and their representatives. As a follow-up, we can work with community builders and connectors to explore how these innovations can be embedded and supported through the development of local hubs.

Kent  Care in the Digital Age  takes place on Friday 12th July. The event is fully booked but you can follow the discussion on Twitter using the hastag #kentdigicare

We may be coming to your locality because we are now in discussion with a number of other local authorities, Health and Wellbeing Boards, housing associations and community groups to deliver the Care in the Digital Age programme across the UK.

If you would like to find out more I would be very happy to talk to you!

4 responses to “Introducing the Care in the Digital Age programme

  1. I’d be interested in finding out more 🙂

  2. Definitely interested in finding out more – please feel free to contact me at

  3. Colman, Ben

    Hi Shirley,

    I’d be very interested in the programme. Can you give me a bit more detail and, of course, let me know about costs. In Salford, we have steered clear of any of the ICT solutions that deliver on self-assessment, personal budgets etc. working on the basis that we need to focus our efforts of people with lower levels of need, or before they have need, to help them to strenghten their social networks, thus reducing future demand. We’re experimenting with FB (some success) but as yet don’t really have a strategy.


    Ben Colman Information services manager Salford City Council


  4. Please add me to the list. I am coordinating several voluntary sector digital projects and would like to be equipped to let people know about your programme . Thanks. PeterbAshby, Oxford

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