What I’ve learned via Twitter today #sociallearning in action

Great start to the day reading @PaulBromford thoughts about the social CEO

1: Forget social media – it’s about being a social business

2:  It will make you more visible, people will like you more

3: You are missing out on recruiting the best people

4: Customers will trust your organisation more

5:  You are missing out on vital market intelligence

Followed by an insightful post from @NathanConstable about the police use of social media and the reasons why some chief officers are reluctant to embrace social media:

1. With the best will in the world some just don’t “get it” and will need to be convinced of its value.
2. There is a fear of loss of control of message. Everything has to be corporate.
3. There is a fear that some of their officers will damage the reputation of the force by tweeting things they shouldn’t.

Good to share the newly published e-book Social Media and Mental Health Practice

An innovative response to the  challenge of making care technology mainstream

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