The smartC4RE EU project are looking for UK partners (adjacent to the North Sea)

 An ageing population is growing in all European countries, more specifically in rural areas. This demographic change has been identified as a common challenge. Smart Caring Rural Communities (smartC4RE) is an EU funded project exploring e-health, integrated care, active and healthy ageing and e-learning. The project aims to maintain, enhance and reinforce accessible and affordable social, home and health care systems. The use of digital technologies is an important part of reaching this goal.

smartC4RE is focussed at the needs of people living in the participating regions in the seven countries around the North Sea. The overall target is to enable EU citizens to lead healthy, active and independent lives while ageing. Orkney Island Council is a potential project partner and the partnership is now looking for other UK public project partners adjacent to the North Sea.

Jan Walberg the project manager is prepared to come and visit potential project partners to explain the possibilities and advantages of EU projects. This could be an interesting development for a Health and Wellbeing Board in the right geographical location.

For more information contact Jan @BureauWalburg or visit the project’s website 


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