How to cut the cost of publications without compromising your message

Click Guide to Children's Services CoverMany organizations are looking to rationalize their publishing strategy, realizing that digital publishing has come of age and that substantial cost-savings can be made by switching from print to digital formats. However simply transferring all publications to web publishing carries risks. There is a growing body of evidence that readers do not engage as thoroughly with materials published on the web as they do with printed materials (or materials that are presented in other digital contexts, such as e-books). And where readers are printing out materials from the web, there is a reputational risk from transferring the burden and the cost of printing from your organization to theirs (or to them personally).

There is an alternative, however, which achieves the benefits for your organization of switching from print to digital publishing, yet avoids these risks. This is to make your publications available in print-on-demand and e-book formats. There are numerous print on demand providers who will produce publications with high production values, at no cost to your organization (but with the advantage of generating a revenue stream according to the pricing model you set) and at reasonable cost to the reader, quickly and efficiently. Similarly, providing the same publications in e-book format (for Amazon’s Kindle devices, as well as for tablets and smartphones) can greatly increase the impact of publications without further requirements for your organization than are needed, for instance, to make your publications available as PDF downloads from your website.

We are working with a number of organisations in this area. Contact us to  explore the possibilities.


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