2 responses to “Thoughts about innovation, digital engagement and social housing for #sitraconf13 #digihousing

  1. I love your six key questions that organisations should ask themselves. One I would add is ” How will you support and empower staff to use new media?”. I met a couple of people last week who knew their audience , had been given the tools , but no training or support in how to use them. We wouldn’t introduce a new computer system for staff and say “get on and use it”. Social media is the same.
    Some great resources here ( and thanks for the mention )

  2. Shirley another incidental piece, and I apologise that I’m nut sure in all this it imight be relevant. It follows on from the Davis WEF 2013 (no I wasn’t there ;-). I have found myself commentating in three different for, one of which was Forbes. In each case I was seeking to combat the emerging confusion and conflation across the terms ‘social’ and ‘media’ and ‘enterprise’. This is leading some corporate suites (and not a few UK 3rd sector would-be leaders) to use ‘social enterprise’ as their term for their company’s use of social media for business purposes.

    My mantra is now that ‘use of social media for enterprise does not equal social enterprise, some great people have an already long established claim to that label’.

    It’s all about more than semantics because it raises questions of what are companies and organisations purseuing or perceiving when the use these terms – including the ones of ‘social business’.

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