Stats from the Social Media World

Three perspectives on the use of social media in 2011. Whilst there are variations in the statistics especially for UK Twitter users (maybe due to research methodology?) the numbers of people now using social media are impressive and growing rapidly.

Social Media in 2011 @videoinfographs


The State of Social Media In The UK (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) @Mindjumpers

Facebook now has a reach of just over 30 million unique users for the UK. That means the proportion of the UK total population registered with the site is fast approaching 50%. 25-34 year olds are now the largest age group on Facebook.

Twitter has shown explosive growth this year, with the number of reported users more than doubling from 12 million to 26 million.

LinkedIn also continues to grow, and now looks to reach around 10% of the UK population

Google+ made its debut to great excitement in 2011, According to socialtimes, the UK total user base is still under one million – and globally, only 17% of those signing up become regular, active users.


Social Media Usage in the UK – The findings @Umpf

37.4 million UK adults use Facebook regularly
32.1 million UK adults use YouTube regularly
15.5 million UK adults on Twitter
7.9 million UK adults on LinkedIn
6.7 million UK adults on Flickr



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