4 responses to “Part One: why #localgov block staff from using social media at work

  1. kristyfifelski

    Check out an article I wrote on this topic a year and a half ago. Many thought provoking comments ensued: http://www.govgirl.com/2010/06/blocking-social-media-at-work

  2. Tom Phillips

    Shirley, think it’s aiming a bit too high to exclude from the list if the Ch Exec etc doesn’t tweet. I thought your aim was a list of local auths who encouraged staff to use it (or not). However nice setting an example and leading from the front might be, I feel there are many authorities where staff get plenty of encouragement and clarity, without top staff feeling that they, themselves have to be hands on.

    Having that top level involvement is great, but it won’t be a proper indicator of support for rank and file social media use. It could even signify the opposite, though I’ll admit I knowof none where there’s an “I’ll do it, but you won’t” approach from the top.

  3. Okay. I’m gonna bite.

    The same Council which has these social media channels: http://www.blackburn.gov.uk/server.php?show=nav.3437
    Does not have a CEX visibly using social media. Nor does it have any publicly blogging Directors though almost every single Director within the Council blogs internally – and for the moment, they’re happy with that and I am happy with that.

    Our CEX has endorsed the use of social media. He has gone on record in the MJ (I think) that he endorses social media use within his Council. Does the fact he does not use social media himself detract somehow from the masses of good practice going on on all those pages and Twitter streams?

    I hope not. I severely hope not. Because if you are going to state that that does detract, you are essentially telling a bunch of staff their work means nothing because of their pay grade. And I simply cannot believe you think that.

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