Twitter chats are booming for #socialcare

Twitter is about sharing thoughts, ideas and conversations. It helps you find new people you may never meet otherwise and it is breaking down the silo thinking which is such a challenge for care and health. Encouragingly there has been a significant increase in Twitter chats and I would like to introduce you to some of the chats I follow and contribute to.

Twitter chats are scheduled gatherings of people on Twitter to discuss pretty much anything that interests them, using a #hashtag to keep track of the conversation. There are chats for everything from blogging to health to education and now social work and social care.

An excellent post by Jane Hart @C4LPT of The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies explores synchronous learning with live Twitter chats. I recommend reading Jane’s How to use Twitter for Social Learning a free downloadable resource.

Social learning is an important element of Twitter chats and it certainly keeps me informed about new social media initiatives across social care, health, work with children and young people, education, the public and third sectors and social enterprises.

@SWSCmedia recently launched a Twitter chat about social work and media #swscmedia Find out more here The next discussion on 1st November will explore “Developing Leadership in Social Work”.

@lgovsm recently relaunched their weekly tweet chat about social media & digital technology in local government #lgovsm Tuesday 8pm Find out more here

@NurChat is a fortnightly nurse Twitter chat about nursing care #NurChat Tuesday 8pm Find out more here

@OTalk_Occhat Launching 25th Oct a weekly Twitter chat about occupational therapy. #OTalk (Occupational Therapy) will alternate with #Occhat (broader Occupational Science focus) on 1st Nov Tuesday 8pm Find out more here

@nhssm runs a weekly Twitter chat to get the NHS talking about social media and how it can benefit patients. Wide ranging debates #nhssm Wednesday 8pm Find out more here

@lrnchat is a weekly Twitter chat where social media and Learning meet #lrnchat Thursday 4.30pm Find out more here

With thanks to @clarkmike we now have a link to the Healthcare Hashtag Project which aims to make the use of Twitter more accessible for providers and the healthcare community as a whole. The Healthcare Tweet Chat Calender provides an international list of health related Twitter chats. Find out more here

What are your favourite Twitter chats? What advice do you have for running or participating in a successful Twitter chat?

5 responses to “Twitter chats are booming for #socialcare

  1. ermintrude2

    There’s going to be an OT chat (I have to find the right hashtag and will report back) on Tuesdays at 8pm too. I’ve only started to involve myself in these chats this week and have thoroughly enjoyed them!

  2. I think the list will keep growing and we can keep adding to the post! I think it may also be useful to highlight forthcoming interesting social care related events with the relevant hashtags.

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  4. Great post and I think it can be a challenge that once you have ‘joined’ Twitter to locate the #tag debates, conversations related to your professional interests.

    I like to read and participate in the following:
    #londoncyber – massive 2 day Cyber Conference 1-2 Nov
    #LDNcyberyouth – youth feed for the conference
    #digitalsurrey – they hold live monthly meeting with presenters

    I do wish organisations and people on Twitter would promote their #tags better. My trick is to ‘stalk’ not in a creepy way, but to check out the people I admire on Twitter and see which #tag conversations they are linking into.

    Keep tweeting peps – Follow me on Twitter @katie_bacon

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